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Thank you for looking us up! Here are a few quick numbers about Vayuhost:

Located in Noida (Delhi-NCR) and serving customers in over 80 countries, Vayuhost is one of the few web hosting companies in the country that believes in servicing clients with committed support and quality servers on some of the best networks globally. Most of our sales happen through word of mouth and satisfied client referrals. We truly believe that this is a testimony to our commitment to quality hosting. Over the years we have found that happy customers are the best sales force we could hope ever for.

With over ten thousand customers all over the world, Vayuhost is one of the top web hosting companies in the country today and is also among the top 2% of web hosting companies worldwide in terms of websites hosted. And yet, we strive to respond to every single one of our customers within a few minutes. When you reach our support team, you will not get an auto-response that says we will update you as soon as possible and then leave you hanging. We typically respond to you and work to resolve your query or issue within a few minutes. That is our commitment. Keeping your business online, secure, up and running 24/7 is our business.

Achieving quick response times with a decent customer base can sometimes be tricky. On several occasions we have been asked how we do it. We're about to let you in on a little secret. It requires servers and services that you can rely on and experienced, committed folk who know what they're doing. All our shared hosting servers are multi core physical servers with SAS/SSD drives and at least 16GB of RAM each, backed by multiple GBps of connectivity which is amongst the best in hosting industry. The number of accounts on each server is limited and we never oversell resources - in fact, you could say we often undersell resources on shared servers, keeping plenty to spare. This investment in quality infrastructure enables us to service our clients efficiently and achieve an uptime of well over 99.9% year after year. If you would like to learn a little more about our infrastructure, you can see our network details at http://www.vayuhost.com

We have infrastruture available at locations all over the world to help you reach your end customers faster.