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Promotional Email Marketing

Create, send and manage promotional emails using our result driven promotional email platform. Packed with powerful features you won’t find elsewhere; Makes it easier for marketers to create, convert and delight customers.

  • Free responsive templates and drag and drop feature to simplify email designing
  • Easy Spam checker to eliminate probability of emails landing in spam
  • A/B testing tool that that brings out the best results from your campaigns
  • Dynamic content so you deliver relevant content to your customers

Package Starts from INR 8,500/-
Please contact us for your bulk email requirements.

Segment & Target

Keeping your email relevant is no longer a challenge as you can segment your customers and send right emails to the right customers.

Send tailored and personalized emails that get you high clicks Segment your list based on Demographic, Geographic and Behavioural attributes. Get high ROI as you combine attributes and send emails to highly targeted customer.

Easy Spam Checker

Content filtering tool that inspects for spam content in the email and helps you eliminate probability of emails landing in Spam.

Advanced Analytics / Reportings

Use the power of advanced analytics to simplify your work. Get in-depth analysis of your campaigns in real-time so you can make better campaigns.

Bulk Mail Control Panel

Easy to use panel.