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24 Jan 2024

Google Workspace Pricing For India: How To Choose The Right Plan For Your Business?

Google Workspace is an all-inclusive G-suite of productivity tools developed by Google. The workspace model can help your business work efficiently. It is a comprehensive solution that boosts the business operation with technical resources. The workspace plans are dynamic with distinct pricing. One can spot four pricing plans with Google. Know the best Google workspace plan to make the best choice. Read on and explore the plan's pricing details, features, and more to make the ideal selection. Make an informed decision and pick the best Google Workspace plan for your business.

Categories of Google Workspace plan

Google Workspace Pricing and Plans – The subscription model for Google Workspace comprises two categories - Business and Enterprise. The Business plans are apt for small and medium-sized businesses. The features are moderate with reasonable charges. In contrast, the Enterprise plans are excellent for large businesses and organizations with dynamic resources and requirements.

The business workspace plan – Explore the three plans 

Business Starter: The Business Starter plan is an excellent pick for small businesses. It is apt for businesses that necessitate fundamental collaboration and productivity tools. Earlier, it was known as G Suite Basic - A professional office plan with 30GB storage. The price is cheap, making it an apt choice.

Business Standard: The Business standard plan is apt for businesses that require advanced features. It offers new-age solutions like - video conferencing and eDiscovery. Earlier, it was called the G Suite Business - Enhanced office suite plan with 2 TB Cloud storage and archiving​ facilities

Business Plus: The Business Plus plan is apt for businesses that necessitate the latest features, like - custom branding and security controlling measures. It also offers enhanced communication with 5 TB of cloud storage. The price is high but the services are value for money. ​

Features – At a glance

Obtain an overview of the features to decide prudently. Compare the prices and features to pick the best.

Business starter plan 

Business Standard plan

Business plus plan

Enterprise plans from Google

Enterprise Standard: The enterprise standard is ideal for large businesses that need optimal security and compliance.

Enterprise Plus: The Enterprise Plus plan is the best choice for demanding businesses that need the maximum level of security and support.

Features of the enterprise plan – 

Summing note

While dealing with the new-age Google Workspace, you need the best solution for data management with cost efficiency. Take sufficient time to migrate your data and ensure a seamless transition. Dedicated support makes the process effortless and helps you select the best Google workplace plan for your business. Consult with the experts to resolve the hassles to the next level.

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