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20 May 2013

India is Going to Use New Internet Domain Address by June 2013

It is a good news for all Indian businesses, professionals and individuals look to set up their own unique website that India is going to get new internet domain address by June, .IN.NET. Days are going to be away where getting a shorter and memorable first choice name was an arduous task, waiting a long time in a queue.

Mission: The .IN.NET is aimed to serve as a hub of names on internet for Indian users providing short & cute internet addresses.

What is it ?: The .IN.NET is a domain namespace that offers registrants ample opportunities to register the domain name of their own choice. It is the newest domain extension launched by The Directi Group. Indians are allowed to create strong online presence with their most desired web address.

Is it expensive ?: Get .IN.NET for just Rs 1100 in the 42 day landrush and TM claims service period, which starts from 18th June. It will be available at Rs470 during general availability. It is a great opportunity for Indian customers.

What's in it for you ?
Choose your desired name, it is a huge pond of available names.
You can get short, simple and easily memorable names with this address which were not available in .com, .in, .net addresses, and you had been had long internet address like or .net. Now you can register your internet address as A cute short and easy domain name is user friendly and most of web users type the company/brand name when surf for a business website. A domain name registered for business with company/brand name is more effective to reach at more internet audiences.  

When it comes to professional/personal domain name registration, first name of the individual or professional is more effective than last or middle name. People found it difficult to register a domain name with their first name with .com, .in internet domain addresses. These problems are no longer to exist.

Be first in the queue and own the best name :
It has brought a golden opportunity to own your unique internet address. Open registration on a first-come, first-served basis  will start from 1st August. Make you ready for the right domain name that you desired, but couldn't. If you are running busy for a good domain name and couldn't have, you are offered to pre-register a unique name as you desire.

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