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24 Jan 2024

Microsoft 365 Pricing For India: How To Choose The Right Plan For Your Business?

With the free versions of the MS-office apps on the laptop and mobile devices, many offices and workplaces have become used to technology. It resolves the hassles of viewing, creating, and editing files. A Microsoft 365 subscription can enhance the experience to the next level and ease the functionalities. You need the subscription model if - 

  1. Google Drive, Box, and other business storage

  2. OneDrive for business

  3. Dropbox for Business

Understand the requirement
 - Every business has a unique need. Thus, there are multiple Microsoft 365 plans to select from. Selecting the best subscription model helps you pick the apps and features you need. Microsoft 365 is an all-inclusive subscription service for businesses. it ensures the efficient services of the new-age and up-to-date Office apps from Microsoft. With the Microsoft 365 package, you can install Microsoft 365 on more than one device and ensure multiple sign-ins. It includes computers, MacBooks, tablets, and mobile phones. 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic – Know the plan.

The plan includes apps and services of Microsoft 365 that help your business -

  1. Identity, access, and management of 300 employees

  2. Customized business email 

  3. Website and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

  4. Chat, call, and video conference options with MS Teams

  5. 1 TB of cloud storage for every user

  6. 10+ additional apps for your business 

  7. Automatic spam and malware filters

  8. Real-time phone and web support

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – Know the plan.

The business standard plan includes everything in Business Basic and other features - 

  1. Desktop versions of the software applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 

  2. Webinars with registration and reporting solutions

  3. A collaborative workspace

  4. Video editing and designing tools with Clipchamp


Microsoft 365 Business Premium – Know the plan.

The business premium plan includes everything in Business standard and other features -

  1. Enhanced identity and access management

  2. Improved cyber threat protection against viruses and cyber phishing attacks

  3. Enterprise-grade cyber protection

Things to consider
 – Now you know the prime features of the Microsoft 365 plans. It could be challenging to pick the best plan for your business. Here are the top three aspects to review for the business. Read on and know better.

  1. Budget – Check the budget allocation and resolve the worries. You can get a plan that meets the budget and make an efficient choice without losing the performance edge. It is especially necessary for small businesses. 

  2. Requirements – Check the apps that you need for your official needs. Also, review the storage essentials to make a cost-effective choice. It is a practical approach and resolves worries conveniently. 

  3. Resources – Do you want to expand the business operations? Purchase the package based on the workplace goals and resources. It will help you make a long-term choice. 

Make the best choice.

Ease the worries with professional assistance and help the business grow to the next level with the necessary resources. 

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