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Prices Comodo SSL certificates are
available to you at unparalleled prices

  • Price - 1 yr (INR)
  • Price - 2 yr (INR)
  • Reissues
  • Encryption Level
  • Authentication
  • Average Issuance Speed
  • Browser Compatibility

Comodo PositiveSSL Certificates

  • INR 3000.00/-
  • INR 5000.00/-
    • Capable of 256-bit encryption
    • Domain Validated (DV) certificate
    • Within minutes*
    • Highest in the industry

Comodo SSL Certificates

  • INR 8000.00/-
  • INR 12000.00/-
    • Capable of 128/256-bit encryption
    • Domain Validated (DV) certificate
    • Within minutes*
    • Highest in the industry

Comodo EV SSL Certificates

  • INR 10000.00/-
  • INR 16000.00/-
    • Capable of 256-bit encryption
    • Domain Validated (DV) certificate
    • 1-5 business days*
    • Highest in the industry

Comodo PositiveSSL

The Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is a very fast & affordable way to encrypt your website. Backed by the biggest Certificate Authority in the world, Comodo, the PositiveSSL certificate features encryption strength of up to 256-bit, 99.9% browser ubiquity and can be issued within just minutes. Best of all, it comes backed by a $10,000 warranty and a 15-days money-back guarantee.

This is Comodo's entry-level SSL/TLS certificate, and will activate the bare-minimum security indicators (HTTPS & padlock) in any browser to show that your site is simply using standard encryption. This no-frills certificate is perfect for blogs and personal sites, since this is a domain validation (DV) cert, you’ll only need to verify your domain ownership by using one of the automated domain verification processes.

  • Single domain validated, 2048-bit industry standard SSL certificate.
  • Hassle-free SSL certificate issuance 24/7.
  • Unlimited server licenses.
  • Automated domain validation - no paperwork.
  • Strong 256-bit encryption strength.
  • FREE PositiveSSL site seal (dynamic).
  • Unlimited re-issuance during the certificate's lifetime.
  • Comes with a $10,000 warranty.
  • Risk-free 15-days refund policy.
  • Instant issuance (minutes).
  • Can secure a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

Comodo SSL Certificate

Starting at just Rs 8000 per year, you can get a Comodo SSL certificate and encrypt your entire site. This is a perfect solution for non-E-commerce websites. Comodo is the largest Certificate Authority in the web security industry and adding the dynamic Comodo Secure site seal to your website is a great way to show that your site is encrypted by a leading brand.

The Comodo SSL certificate is the premier Domain Validated (DV) cert that Comodo offers. It comes with 128/256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit signature key. It can be yours within minutes thanks to Comodo’s paper-free, online validation system. And, best of all, Comodo SSL comes backed by a HUGE $2,50,000 warranty and a 15-days money-back guarantee.

  • Fast online issuance without tedious paperwork and long delays.
  • 2048-bit digital signatures and up to 256-bit encryption–the ultimate in SSL security–come standard.
  • Quick issuance within 10 minutes.
  • Reach the most potential customers possible with 99.9% web and mobile browsers recognition.
  • Show that your site is encrypted with an instantly visible site seal.
  • Peace of mind with our 15-days refund policy.
  • Licensed for unlimited servers.
  • Protects both and
  • 24/7 SSL Certificate Support Through Ticket System.
  • 15-days money back guarantee.
  • $2,50,000 Relying Party Warranty.
  • Upgrade to EV SSL for free during the first year.

Comodo EV SSL certificate

The Comodo EV SSL provides top-of-the-line encryption along with extended business validation so that you can give your customers the ultimate confidence in who they're doing business with. The Comodo EV SSL certificate will unlock the green address bar, a trust indicator proven to increase conversions and inspire the ultimate trust in your customers. Plus, since the green address bar has been shown to increase conversions, this is one of the only SSL certificates that can provide a true ROI.

Featuring 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key, this certificate works on 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices—including all the most recent versions. Best of all it comes backed by a massive $17,50,000 warranty and a dynamic Comodo Trustmark with "Point-to-Verify" technology that authenticates your online identity and lets customers know that it's you and that you’re safe to buy from

Your Comodo EV SSL Certificate for * can protect: or
Along with an unlimited number of other domains. Act now and get it for 63% off the vendor price.

  • Full-Business Validation to prove you're legitimate.
  • 2048-bit conventional EV SSL Certificate.
  • Unlimited server licenses.
  • Activates the Green Address Bar.
  • Displays your company name & location as verified by Comodo.
  • Dynamic Comodo Secure Site Seal.
  • 99.9% Web & Mobile browser protection.
  • 128/256-bit encryption length.
  • 15-days money back guarantee.
  • 24/7 Technical SSL Support.
  • $17,50,000 relying party warranty.

Documents Required for Comodo Web server Certificate

  • Certificate of Incorporation (Needs to be attested by authorized signatory with the company seal on it).
  • Telephone Bill in the name of Organisation and of the number used by the Corporate Contact for the Certificate and an attested copy of the Telephone Bill of the number you use.
  • Should be a Board number.
  • Signature Verification Letter from the Bank.
  • Domain Authorization Letter.